Presidents Message

Happy New Year!!
I am hoping everyone had a good holiday season and that all members and friends are healthy and well.
With no end in sight for the pandemic, there no chance of any form of physical meeting in the near future.  I will be sending out information on a zoom meeting in the near future.  The Peel region has invited our members to join a zoom meeting they have coming up on Wednesday January 20 at 7 pm.  If interested email  A big thank you to the Peel Regional Aquarium Club for extending the invitation to our members.
Facebook has been very diligent in enforcing their policy about he sale of live animals on any Facebook pages or in any groups.  The can, will and has shut down sites that are not adhering to this policy.  Please refrain from any language that Facebook may deem inappropriate.  Using words such as sale, sell, seller, purchase, buy, buyer, rehome, available and even free could potentially cause problems and posts that appear to be selling live fish or any other animals will not be approved. 
It’s great to see people posting their new setups and breeding successes, please keep these posts coming. It’s also fantastic to see all the great advice members of the page are offering to those that are new to the hobby as well es those that are experiencing situations they have not come across in the past.  There is always something new to learn in the hobby.
Lets hope 2021 will be a healthier and more productive year than 2020.
Please follow the guidelines that the governments and health officials are giving us, and please stay well and healthy. 

Rick Hodgins


London Aquaria Society