Presidents Message

Welcome to the fall of 2020
I hope this message is finding everybody healthy and well!
Covid is still causing problems for our club.  We were informed several weeks ago that the schools are not permitting any kind of gatherings including our club, scouting, guiding or any other kind of similar activities.  The government regulations are also preventing the numbers that we would have from meeting at any other kind of venue.  Unfortunately no one is able to predict when this will change, but as we all know it is not likely to be any time soon. 
As an alternative we are going to an online forum and will be having a zoom meeting on Tuesday October 13th at 7:30 pm.  This meeting will be for paid members of The London Aquaria Society only.  Please email me at and I will reply to you with the link that will get you connected to the meeting.  We will be having a short presentation from Frank Aguirre. 
Topfin has graciously donated several cases of fish food to our club by way of C.A.O.A.C..  This food is near its expiration but can be frozen and used as needed.  Please email me at the email address in the above paragraph if you would like some of this food by end of day October 7th so I can have time to package it up, and there will be a pick up at my home on October 10th between 10 am and 1 pm.  My address will be supplied in a return email to you.  This food is only available to paid members of The London Aquaria Society. 
Please remain healthy and well through these difficult times and do what you can to help neighbours and friends who may be in need of assistance.  Respect social distancing and the restrictions and regulations that our governments are putting upon us so that we all can make it past this pandemic and hopefully the world will get back to its normal state sooner than later.
Have a happy thanksgiving.
Thank you,

Rick Hodgins


London Aquaria Society