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LAS Library NumberTitleAuthor(s)Date of PublicationPublisherContentsPhotos/DiagramsNumber of PagesISBNDonated by
1Brackish aquariumsGos, Michael W.1983T.F.H. Publications, New Jerseydescription, getting started, plants, fish, acclimatingcolour, black and white photos930-87666-519-9
3Aquarium fishes and plantsRataj, K. and R, Zukal1973Spring Books, Torontobasic aquarium care, plant and fish species descriptions - Asia, America, Africacolour paintings1320-600-30056-0
5Breeding aquarium fishes - book 2Axelrod, Dr. Herbert R. 1971T.F.H. Publications, New Jerseydetailed accounts of various species of fishcolour, black and white photos3520-87666-007-3
7Breeding aquarium fishes - book 4Axelrod, Dr. Herbert R. 1976T.F.H. Publications, New JerseyParadise fish, Piranha, Danios, Metynnis, Meteor Minnow, Bumblebee Goby ...colour, black and white photos3200-87666-451-6
8Breeding aquarium fishes - book 6Axelrod, Dr. Herbert R. 1980T.F.H. Publications, New JerseyBarbs, Gourami, Kuhli loach...colour, black and white photos2810-87666-536-9
9Fishes of southern Japan and the RyukyusBurgess, Warren E. and Herbert R. Axelrod, 1972T.F.H. Publications, New JerseyAngelfishes, Batfishes, Puffers, Filefishes, Dottybacks, Blenniescolour, black and white photos2800-87666-123-1
10Fishes of the southern Japan and western pacific - book 2Burgess, Warren E. and Herbert R. Axelrod, 1971T.F.H. Publications, New JerseyAnemonefishes, Scats, Herrings, Needlefishes, Lizardfishes, Porgies, Catsharkscolour photos and diagrams5600-87666-124-X
11Fishes of Sri Lanka, Maldive Islands and Mombasa - book 3Burgess, Warren E. and Herbert R. Axelrod, 1973T.F.H. Publications, New JerseyWrasses, Gobies, Cardinalfishes, Damselfishes, Mullets, Angelfishes, Triggerfishcolour photos and diagrams561 - 8390-87666-125-8
12Fishes of Taiwan and adjacent waters - book 4Burgess, Warren E. and Herbert R. Axelrod, 1974T.F.H. Publications, New JerseyHalfbeaks, barracudas, Whitings, Milkfish, Electric Rays, Monkfishes, Solescolour photos and diagrams840 -11100-87666-126-6
13Pacific Marine Fishes - book 5Burgess, Warren E. and Herbert R. Axelrod, 1974T.F.H. Publications, New JerseySpadefishes, Moonfish, Butterfish, Dolphins, Bluefish, Tunas, Drums, bullseyescolour photos and diagrams1111 - 13810-87666-127-4
14Fishes of Melanesia (New Guinea, the Solomans, Fiji) book 6Burgess, Warren E. and Herbert R. Axelrod, 1975T.F.H. Publications, New JerseyStingrays, Conger Eels, Sea Horses, Grunts, Surgeonfishes, Lantern-eyescolour photos1382 - 16540-87666-128-2
15Fishes of the great barrier reef - pacific marine fishes book 7Burgess, Warren E. and Herbert R. Axelrod, 1976T.F.H. Publications, New Jerseyfamily descriptions: catfish, sharks, rays, wrasses, groupers, puffers ...colour photos1655 - 19250-87666-129-0
16Diseases of aquarium fishesGoldstein, Robert , Ph.D.1971T.F.H. Publications, New Jerseyparasites, fungus, viruses, algae, bacteriacolour, black and white photos1260-87666-041-3
19Marine tropicalsBraker, William P. and Ed L. Fisher1966T.F.H. Publications, New Jerseywater, tank, feeding, Atlantic, Pacific tropicals, inverts, plants, disease, speciescolour and B&W photos and diagrams144none
20Colour treasury of aquarium fish - a tropical wonderlandLodi, Elso ; E. Giovenzana; C. Bevilacqua1972Orbis Publishing Ltd., London, U.K.basics: tank set up, plants, feeding, hygiene, breeding, disease, speciescolour photos and diagrams64none
21The Marine aquarium handbook - beginner to breederMoe, Martin A. Jr.1982The Norns Publishing Company, Floridaaquarium, water, filtration, set up, maintenance, fish, quarantine, disease, foodblack and white photos1700-939960-02-08
27Handbook of tropical aquarium fishesAxelrod, Dr. H. R. and Dr. L. P. Schultz1983T.F.H. Publications, New Jerseymany fish descriptions (+ care, feeding, breeding), dieasesblack and white, some colour photos7180-87666-491-5
29Encyclopedia of topical fishesAxelrod, Dr. H.R. and Vorderwinkler W. 1986T.F.H. Publications, New Jerseytank set up, food, snails, breeding methods, breeding types, colour, black and white photos6310-86622-110-7
30The manual of marine invertebratesHaywood, Martyn and Sue Wells1989Salamander Books Inc., New Jerseytypes for the aquarium, care, tank set-up, feeding, compatible fish colour photos and diagrams2083-89356-033-5
31Marine tropical aquarium guidede Graaf, Frank1982T.F.H. Publications, New Jerseysea water, tank set up, care, fish, invertebratescolour and B&W photos and diagrams2840-87666-805-8
32The ABC's of Marine AquariumsBurgess, Warren E.1986T.F.H. Publications, New Jerseyequipment, setting up, selecting animals, feeding, care, diseases, invertebratescolour photos930-86622-429-7
33Catfish and loaches: the bottom dwellersAndrews, Dr. Christopher (editor)noneTetra Pressfamily and species detailslots of colour photos613-89356-074-2
34Tropical aquarium fishes - freshwater and marineCust, George Lamplightbrief basics of set-up, breeding, diseases, fish typescolour and B&W photos and diagrams144none
35The color nature library aquarium fishesBurton, Jane 1978Crescent Books - New Yorkfresh and salt water species, fish types - shape, behaviour, appendagescolour photos640-517-250586
39LivebearersWhitern, Wilfred L.1979T.F.H. Publications, New Jerseytypes, reproduction, sex differences, tank set up, foods, breedingcolour and black and white photos930-87666-518-0Aquarium Services - May 1991
40Breeding KillifishesOstrow, Marshall E. 1981T.F.H. Publications, New Jerseytank set-up, fish types, health, feeding, breeding, purchasingcolour and black and white photos930-87666-540-7Aquarium Services - May 1991
42Aquarium fishFriese, U. Erich1980T.F.H. Publications, New Jerseythe aquarium, general fish types, plants, diseases, colour and black and white photos930-87666-512-1Aquarium Services - May 1991
43Starting a marine aquariumBarker, Craig S. 1980T.F.H. Publications, New Jerseytank set up, fish types, feeding, diseasescolour, black and white photos950-87666-751-5Aquarium Services - May 1991
45You and your aquariumMills, Dick 1989 - 5th editionAlfred A. Knopf - New Yorktropical, coldwater, marine fishcolour photos and diagrams2880-394-72985-4
47A fishkeeper's guide to community fishesMills, Dick1984Salamander Books - London, UKfish descriptions, tank set upcolour photos and diagrams1173-923880-52-9
52Reef corals of the world - biology and field guideWood, Dr. Elizabeth M. 1983T.F.H. Publications, New Jerseyformation, history, distribution, biology, taxonomy, keys, famaliescolour and B&W photos and diagrams2560-87666-809-0
54Fish and their behaviourZupanc, Gunther K.H.1985Tetra Pressadaptations, territoriality, water chemistry, shoaling, pair formation, sex changescolour photos and diagrams1883-923880-19-7
55The manual of fish healthAndrews, Dr. C.; A. Exell; Dr. N. Carrington1988Tetra Pressfish health, water, water chemistry, diseases, treatmentcolour photos and diagrams2083-923880-37-5
56Handbook of fish diseasesUntergasser, Dieter 1989T.F.H. Publications, New Jerseydisease types, organs, treatment, microscopycolour photos, diagnosis charts1600-86622-703-2
57The ecology of fishesNikolsky, G.V. 1978T.F.H. Publications, New Jerseyadaptations - environment, links in life cyclesblack and white line drawings, diagrams3520-87666-505-9
59Aquarium plants - a complete introductionWindelov, Holger and Jiri Stodola1987T.F.H. Publications, New Jerseyimportance, life cycle, requirements, outer structure, types, species descriptionscolour paintings, photos1280-86622-289-8Randy MacDonald
60Tropical Marine AquariaCox, Graham F.1985Hamlyn Publishing, Twickenham, U.K.differences: coral versus freshwater fish, conditions, tank set up, inverts., food...colour drawings1590-600-30651-8
61A fishkeepers guide to marine fishesMills, Dick1985Salamander Books Inc. - New Jerseytank set-up, diseases, breeding, tropical and coldwater species, invertebratescolour photos and drawings1173-923880-53-7
62Marine tropical aquarium guidede Graaf, Frank 1982T.F.H. Publications, New Jerseytank set up, sea water, fish, invertebratescolour and B&W photos and diagrams2840-87666-805-8
63All about goldfishEvans, Anthony1976Coles Publishing Company Limitedcoldwater aquarium, pond, varieties, care, feeding, breeding, health, showingblack and white photos and drawings93none
64A fishkeeper's guide to fish breedingAndrews, Dr. Chris1986Salamander Books - London, UKbreeding of various fishcolour photos and diagrams1173-923880-55-3
65Enjoy your goldfishCohen, Sylvia, M.D.?The Pet Library Ltd, Sternco, New Jerseytank, plants, ornaments, filters, bowls, feeding, breeding, varieties, diseasescolour photos320-87826-311-X
66Know your goldfishTeitler, Neal?The Pet Library Ltd, Sternco, New Jerseytypes, tank set up, feeding, diseases, genetics, breeding, showing, pondscolour photos, B&W drawings640-87826-711-5
67DiscusSiilva, Tony and Barbara Kotlar1980T.F.H. Publications, New Jerseyspecies, tank set up, feeding, breeding, diseasescolour and B&W photos930-87666-535-0
68Handbook of DiscusWattley, Jack 1985T.F.H. Publications, New Jerseybackground, classification, water chemistry, food, spawning, diseasescolour and B&W photos1120-86622-037-2
69Freshwater fishes - book 1Axelrod, Dr. Herbert R. 1974T.F.H. Publications, New Jerseycatfish, characins, cyprinids, anabantoids, cichlids, livebearers, odd-ballscolour photos3200-87666-076-6
73The marine aquarium in theory and practiseEmmens, Dr. Cliff W.1985 - 2nd editionT.F.H. Publications, New Jerseythe tank and equipment, water, marine systems, handling fish, diseasescolour and B&W photos2080-86622-742-3
74Marine fishes and invertebrates in your own homeEmmens, Dr. Cliff W. 1988T.F.H. Publications, New Jerseysalt water, filtration, set up, buying fish, feeding, disease, breedingcolour photos and diagrams1920-86622-790-3
75Aquarium AtlasReihl, R. and Baensch, H.A.1996 - 5th editionMergus, W. Germanyplants and fish, maintenancecolour photos per fish or plant, diagrams9923-88244-050-3
76Aquarium plants manualScheurmann, Ines 1993Barron's Educational Series - New Yorkfreshwater plants - selection, planting, care, propagationcolour photos, B&W drawings920-8120-1687-4
79Marine aquarist's manualBaensch, Hans A.1995 - 12th editionTetra Press - Germanydescriptions, care and feedingcolour photos and diagrams983-923880-15-4
80A Fishkeeper's Guide to South American CichlidsLeibel, Dr. Wayne S. 1993Tetra Presshistory, breeding, tank set-up, species accountscolour photos and diagrams791-56465-103-7
81The complete aquarium problem-solverBoyd, Kevin W.1993Tetra Press, Virginiafreshwater and marine trouble-shooting guide,diseases, equipment problemsblack & white diagrams, charts, colour photos1001-56465-142-8
82The manual of tank bustersSandford, Gina and Crow, Richard1991Salamander Books - London, UKtank set up, filtration, feeding, types of fishcolour photos and diagrams1603-89356-041-6
86The cichlids yearbook - volume 6Konings, A.; M. Bailey; M. Geerts1996Cichlid Press, GermanyTanganyika, Malawi, Central American, South American, literatimcolour photos, maps, diagrams963-928457-34-9
87Frogs and toadsGrenard, Steve1998Howell Book House, New Yorkclassification, anatomy, wild habitat, life cycle, feeding, disease, resourcescolour photos1260-87605-444-0James Kelly - March 2005
88Enjoy your guppiesFriswold, Carroll?The Pet Library Ltd, New Yorkbasics: tank set up, food, plants, types. breeding, diseasescolour photos32none
89Tropical FishMcInerny, Derek1974Coles Publishing Company Ltd. , Torontotank set up, plants, food, pests. diseases, anatomy, live-bearers, egg-bearersblack and white photos and diagrams93none
90Tropical Marine AquariaCox, Graham F.1985Hamlyn Publishing, Twickenham, U.K.differences: coral versus freshwater fish, conditions, tank set up, inverts., food...colour drawings1590-600-30651-8
91Identifying Corydoradinae CatfishFuller, Ian A. M. and Evers, Hans-Georg2005Ian Fuller EnterprisesAspidoras, Brochis, Corydoras, Scleromystax & C-numberscolour photos and line drawings3840-9540872-2-4Ian Fuller - May 21st 2006
noneThe instant ocean handbookMowka, Edmund J. Jr.1979Aquarium Systemswater quality, set up, and white photos, diagrams21none
noneThe sea water manualMowka, Edmund J. Jr.1981Aquarium Systems Inc.components, salinity, pH, O2 and CO2, N, P, copper, and white diagrams43none
noneTropical fish hobbyist magazine (2 copies)Nov. 2003T.F.H. Publications, New Jerseykeeping the unkeepablescolour photos160none
92Lexicon of Water GardensHerman Hackstein and Woto WehmeyerAttractive designs and appropriate plantings
93Handbook of tropical aquarium fishesDr. Herbert R. Axelrod and Dr. L.P. Schultz1971
94The Toy FishAlbert KleeA history of the Aquarium Hobby in America, the first 100 years
95 DVDMalawi Cichlids Feeding BehaviourAd Konings
96 DVDMalawi Cichlids Feeding BehaviourAd Konings
97 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 1Feb/March 2008
98 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 1Feb/March 2008
99 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 2April/May 2008
100 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 2April/May 2008
101 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 3June/July 2008
102 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 4August/Sept 2008
103 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 4August/Sept 2008
104 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 5Oct/Nov 2008
105 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 6Dec 2008/Jan 2009
106 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 7Feb/March 2009
107 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 8April/May 2009
108 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 9June/July 2009
109 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 10August/Sept 2009
110 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 11Oct/Nov 2009
111 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 12Dec 2009/Jan 2010
112 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 13Feb/March 2010
113 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 14April/May 2010
114 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 15June/July 2010
115 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 16Aug/Sept 2010
116 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 17Oct/Nov 2010
117 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 18Dec 2010/Jan 2011
118 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 19Feb/March 2011
119 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 20April/May 2011
120 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 21June/July 2011
121 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 22Aug/Sept 2011
122 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 23Oct/Nov 2011
123 CDThe Aquarium Gazette issue 24Dec 2011/Jan 2012
124Piranhas in the aquariumWolfgange Shulte1988T.F.H. Publications Inc. New JerseyHistory, biology, range and ecology, keeping, maintenance, breeding, taxonomy, fishingcolour photos and diagrams1280-86622-950-7The Ottawa Valley Aquarium Society, Nov. 2017
125The complete guide to dwarf seahorses in the aquariumAlisa Wagner Abbott2003T.F.H. Publications Inc. New Jerseythe tank, care and maintenance, stocking, foods, disease, reproduction, other seahorsescolour photos1440-7938-0534-1The Ottawa Valley Aquarium Society, Nov. 2017
126Mini aquariums basic setup and maintenanceJay F. Hemdal2008Bowtie Press, Californiachoosing, equipment, setup, water quality, fish health, maintenance, freshwater, marinecolour photos and diagrams144978-1-933958-40-8The Ottawa Valley Aquarium Society, Nov. 2017
127Aquarium AtlasDr. Rudiger Riehl, Hans A. Baensch1994 (4th edition)Mergus, W. Germanyaquarium, technology and accessories, plants, fish, care and maintenancecolour photos and diagrams9923-88244-050-3The Ottawa Valley Aquarium Society, Nov. 2017
128Dr. Axelrod's mini-atlas of freshwater aquarium fishes mini editionH.R. Axelrod, W.E. Burgess, C.W. Emmens …1987T.F.H. Publications Inc. New Jerseyphotography, fish groups, maintenance, plants, breeding, food, physiology, diseasescolour photos9920-86622-385-1The Ottawa Valley Aquarium Society, Nov. 2017
129Aquarium plantsDr. Karel Rataj, Thomas J. Horeman1977T.F.H. Publications Inc. New Jerseycultivation, lighting, water requirements, arrangement, reproduction, propagation, speciescolour and black and white photos4480-87666-455-9The Ottawa Valley Aquarium Society, Nov. 2017
130500 freshwater aquarium fish, a visual reference to the most popular speciesGreg Jennings (consulting editor)2006Firefly books Ltd.Ontariodefinition, fish groups, species descriptionscolour photos and diagrams5281-55407-167-4The Ottawa Valley Aquarium Society, Nov. 2017