Presidents Message

CAOAC Convention coming soon! (May 18-20)

London Aquaria Society Spring Auction is May 6th.

The snow is finally melting and now comes the thought of setting our ponds back to their beauty. Sitting in the backyard with the sound of running water. We had fun with ours last year so onward to bigger and better.

The CAOAC Convention will soon will soon be upon us. The CAOAC Executive have the CAOAC Convention planned with great guest speakers and the awards and dinner. I hope you have gotten your tickets before the April deadline to qualify for the early bird draw. Good luck to all.

 The guest speaker for April’s meeting will be Udo Rhommann doing a presentation on Matton Filter I trust this will be very interesting and I am looking forward to this evening.

 We have the Elections coming up in June so if you are interested in getting on the executive put your name forward. All new people are always a wonderful addition to helping run this club. A special thanks to all that were on the board this past year you all did first class job. So a special thank you.

 The fish show for April will be in Characids ( Tetras, Silver Dollars) and Open Class and the Open Class for Plants. Also this month we will have Family Class.

 Soon be live food collecting time so get your boots, buckets and nets ready the fish are going to love it.

 The auction will be there as usual.

Get your tickets a great Convention is planned!

Ron Bishop


London Aquaria Society