Presidents Message

Winter seems to be hanging around longer than I’d like, but hopefully we’ll be into pond season soon. Many of the local fish clubs are having auctions soon, so get out and support our sister clubs and pick up some bargains. Our auction will be on Sunday, May 5th.

Anyone wishing to go on the club trip to Ripley’s Aquarium on June 22nd should make sure they get their money in soon!

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, April 9th, and will feature Larry Johnson speaking about African Cichlids and his trip to Africa.

The jar show this month will feature Characoids (eg. Tetras, Hatchetfish, Silver Dollars etc.) as well as the Family category in which you can bring the parents and fry together. As always, there are the open categories for fish and plants, so bring whatever you wish to show off.

We will have our mini auction at the end of the meeting, so bring in any extra fish, plants or aquaria related things you wish to sell.
Anyone wanting to find out what we’re all about is welcome to attend.
Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Eric Geissinger


London Aquaria Society