Presidents Message

Our October meeting featured Ken Boorman giving a very informative talk about invasive species. Quite an eye opener to realise there are so many. The November meeting was to feature Al Ridley giving a talk about Barbs, unfortunately he will not be able to attend. Hopefully we can hear his talk in the future. In place of that we will see a presentation given by Rick Borstein at the last CAOAC convention called 60 Tips in 60 Minutes.
The jar show will be Cichlids – substrate spawning (eg, Angels, Kribs, Rams etc.), and mouth-brooding (e.g. Guentheri, Aulonocara …), and CARES fish as well as the usual open fish and plant categories.
We will have our mini auction at the meeting, so bring in any extra fish, plants or aquaria related things you wish to sell.
Anyone wanting to find out what we’re all about is welcome to attend.
Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Eric Geissinger


London Aquaria Society