Presidents Message

Another London Aquaria Society year is coming to a close.
We have had a lot of exciting things happen, from all of our fantastic speakers to the CAOAC convention last month.
The LAS has also closed the book on its 61st year in operation.
It has been brought to my attention very recently that James Kelly –our Librarian has been with the LAS for 40 years! WOW. Congratulations to you Jim!
This month we have our annual Potluck meeting with all sorts of goodies for all who attend.
It’s also the time of year when we really think about how we would like to be involved in the running of such a great group. Our Elections will happen at this meeting and I am hoping for a few to step forward and take the plunge into the running of our club.
The LAS needs more than just a president to run a club. We need many to work together to make such a great group continuously operate.
Our Executive is comprised of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and also Newsletter editor, Event Coordinator, Membership chair, Librarian, B.A.P. / HA.P. Monthly Jar shows supervisor, Advertising, CAOAC rep, Website supervisor, Cares programme and Members at Large. And the most important part of a club, YOU!
If any of these positions interest you, think about stepping forward!
Many years ago I started out as the librarian then moved on to the member at large.
This is my second run as the president.
I hope to see a big crowd at our last meeting of the year before we all turn our attention to our garden ponds and barbeques.
See you all, Tuesday June 13!  East Carling Public School, 814 Quebec St London


London Aquaria Society