Presidents Message

Remember our meetings are now being held in the gym at Aberdeen Public School on 580 Grey Street in London.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!
The November meeting is coming fast.  This month’s show jar show will be cichlids (substrate spawners and mouth breeders), CARES fish, and the open fish class. The executive has decided to increase the prize gift certificate to $20.00.
Guy Moreau will be giving a talk on plants, and with his enthusiasm and knowledge it promises to be entertaining and informative.
We will also be having the monthly mini auction, so please bring in any extra fish you might have.
The CAOAC convention Will be on the first weekend in May instead of the long weekend this year. More information I’ll be coming.
Don’t forget we are meeting at a new location this year, Aberdeen Public School on Grey Street.
Remember our veterans next this month, thank them for their service when you see them and keep the memories alive in your individual ways.

Rick Hodgins


London Aquaria Society