Presidents Message

Bob Wright will be doing a presentation for us for our next meeting. Last month talk about everything the executive and the committees do was informative. It was very interesting and I think everybody enjoyed the evening. If there is a position you are interested in trying, come out to the executive meetings and learn more about that position. Or if you want, ask that person at the meeting.
If you have a question or concern don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. If there is something you would like to see or brought up at the meeting just ask, all this would be interesting for yourself and the other members as well.
The Jar Show this month will be Cichlids, (substrate spawners like angels, Kribensis and mouth brooding cichlids), as well as Cares Fish. We will also have our open class and the plant class for the November meeting.
As always, we will have the auction. Please bring out your extra fish and plants for the auction. Who knows you may pick up a bargain or two.

Remember November 11th

Ron Bishop


London Aquaria Society