Presidents Message

Our November meeting featured a presentation that had been given by Rick Borstein at the last CAOAC convention called 60 Tips in 60 Minutes. Quite a wealth of things to try and make our fish keeping easier. Our December meeting will be our potluck dinner. Bring some food to the meeting to share with the other members. (If home made, please note the ingredients on the dish for members with allergies.) As well, we will be raffling off a complete 48 gallon aquarium, including stand, heater, filter and lights.
There will not be a jar show this month, but we will have our mini auction at the meeting. Bring in any extra fish, plants or aquaria related things you wish to sell.
Anyone wanting to find out what we’re all about is welcome to attend.
Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Eric Geissinger


London Aquaria Society