Presidents Message

Please note that our next meeting is the first Tuesday in March,  March 5th.

This winter has been going by quickly, and making a mess with a lot of unusual weather. Because of that weather we had to cancel our February meeting. Looking forward to some nicer days ahead.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, March 5th (a week earlier than usual due to March Break), and will feature Al Ridley speaking about Barbs. I am looking forward to this as it should be an excellent talk.

The jar show this month will feature Swordtails, Mollies and Platties as well as the My Favourite Fish category in which you can bring any species in. As always, there are the open categories for fish and plants, so bring whatever you wish to show off.

We will have our mini auction at the end of the meeting, so bring in any extra fish, plants or aquaria related things you wish to sell.
Anyone wanting to find out what we’re all about is welcome to attend.
Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Eric Geissinger


London Aquaria Society