Presidents Message

Welcome back another year has begun, it looks like we have a full slate of programs already booked for the year. Great job, LeAnne. We had an exciting summer with the ponds and setting a complete tropical tank outside. The 125 was full and all seemed to do really well, they grew and the colour was fantastic. Our only disappointment was an animal got into the pond on the ground and cleaned out all the occupants. Oh well, Mother Nature.

As you can see I have returned as the President. First of all I would like to thank Nancy for doing a great job. Now we have also included the policy for Harassment and Bullying as this was one of the reasons I stepped down in the Spring. This has been a problem brought on by a few people causing a few of our members to not continue on as members of our club. We don’t need to be always hassled for what we do. This club is supposed to be fun and entertaining for all, so let’s not have it continue as legally we can use this policy to deter this type of behaviour. Now that is done, we have so much to do and learn this year. We have plans for a great show and auction. Looking forward to seeing all the faces we have missed over the summer.

The Auction season will soon be upon us starting with Sarnia auction on the 9th, followed by our Show and Auction on the 24th, then Hamilton District Aquarium Society on the 30th. A busy month ahead of us. Also the CAOAC meeting.

The Jar Show this month will be Loaches, Suckers and Catfish, as well as our open class. Also the plant class. We also have the My Favorite Fish class for the September meeting.

As always, we will have the auction. Please bring out your extra fish and plants for the auction. Who knows you may pick up a bargain or two.

Our large auction and show will be held on the 24th of September back in Dorchester. Bring all your extra fish and plants and the extra goodies that seem to gather in the fish room, so you can get something new and interesting. Hope to see you all there. Any help will be greatly accepted. You can also check with Bob Wright about a class sponsorship for the fish show. We will need help from setting up to runners and everything else that it takes to run our event

Take the time to enjoy the quiet the kids are back in school,

Ron Bishop


London Aquaria Society