Presidents Message

CAOAC Convention 2016!

The guest speaker for May will be Steven Kessel talking on Sharks. The big guys with teeth. The way they are harvested and treated in the wild. The rules and regulations and the way things are changing

For April we had a presentation from Annette and myself with a talk about Axolotls and collecting live food. Special thanks to Sharon for her computer knowledge to get everything working. It was a lot of fun talking about our pets and the fun of going out to get the live food for our aquariums. We get our fresh air and we get some great food for the fish. It was interesting doing the talk for the first time with a few bumps along the way.

Elections are coming if anyone of the members would like to try for a position on the executive, all positions are open. Let somebody on your present executive know your intentions. We will be having some openings come up this year. Bob Steele is moving to Vancouver in the summer. Bob you have done a great job for the London Aquaria Society and you will be missed. Thank you for everything.

The convention is ready for the big show to begin. The ticket sales have been good and we will have a great turnout. Cut off date is May 6th for dinner tickets as we have to order the food. So if you are sitting on the fence and waiting to decide is it now or never. If you only want to hear a special speaker we have decided to charge $10 for that option. So for $10 you can hear any speaker.  Anybody that has some time to give to the convention and you would like to help please feel free to do so. With the set up and the auction there will be many things to do, so if you can help out it would be wonderful.

The fish show for May will be the class of My Favourite Fish. This is any fish that you have as your favourite and it is going to be judged by all in attendance. The only rule is it has to be a fish. As well as the Open Class and the Open Class for Plants. Also this month we will have a Pairs Class. The auction will be there as usual.

Get your tickets, it’s our time to shine.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Ron Bishop


London Aquaria Society